Arani Cuthbert

Arani is an award-winning producer who has made some of NZ’s most popular TV entertainment shows and the multi-award winning box office hit film The Topp Twins, Untouchable Girls, which has screened around the world.

Since establishing Diva Productions in 1992 as an artist management company for New Zealand’s well-loved entertainers, the TOPP TWINS, Arani has grown the company into a diverse entertainment businss, producing television, promoting live shows, launching a talent agency and developing high quality, entertaining and engaging stories for large and small screens. Creating and marketing Intelligent Entertainment that has something important to say is the company’s core purpose.

In 2010 Arani received the Women in Film and TV Award for Outstanding Achievement. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Auckland University, studied Film and TV Producing at Australia’s AFTRS college, and is an Art Venture Alumni, a business accelerator course for creative entrepreneurs.

Recent work includes TVNZ’s TOPP COUNTRY, now in its third season and described as “truly outstanding Television”  (NZ Herald); a UK/NZ co-pro WHO KILLED HILDA? with UK Oscar nominated company Spring Films as co-producer, short film MR & MRS GOCK and Kiwis On Board, a series of short films about NZ Refugees made free of charge for the NZ Red Cross.