Asma Dean

Entrepreneur  – Children’s Cartoon Character Entertainers

Asma is a successful national business and residential relationship manager corporate with a background in, Commodities, freight, legal, finance, insurance, foreign exchange, (AML) (CFT) (CDD), marketing and events. Also, a director – entrepreneur of New Zealand’s leading children’s entertainment business. key focus is partnerships and solution based long-term relationships.

New Zealand born Fijian Indian Muslim Board member and secretary to the chair -Rainbow NZ Charitable Trust. takes pride in embracing the rainbow community, supporting them passionately actively collaborates with women at the women’s center  to create awareness and spread diversity inviting people to connect being heard with a strong desire to make a difference.

Currently resides in Auckland and in her spare time practices the violin, creates ideas in the entertainment space, attends birthdays, functions and events. Likes to dance, enjoys comedy, reading and connecting.

Leads by advocating compassion and empathy in society – Children are the voice of our future and it is our duty to embrace and nurture our youth to facilitate in building and strengthening a future of likeminded beings, for an inclusive and healthier New Zealand demolishing depression as much as possible.