Mavis Mullins

Chair, Atihau-Whanganui Incorporated

I enjoy the challenge of big goals. I consider myself a lateral thinker with sound analytical and evaluation skills, self-motivated and enthusiastic. I love the chance to use a variety of lens’ over the activities in which I engage. Past employment has been primarily in self employed enterprises, with experience in contract work to the public sector. I am now, predominantly engaged in  governance roles within private, public, crown entities and not for profit organizations.

I am active within the agrisport of Shearing Sports NZ, and the sporting endeavors of children and grandchildren. I am a loyal Hurricanes fan! A multi cultural background gives me diversity and empathy with different situations and peoples. I am very proud of my NZ Maori, Chinese and Irish links and am aware of the responsibility this brings. I am confident and comfortable within a wide range of situations and environments.

My personal and professional interests lie strongly in the areas of economic development in particular Maori. With a significant Maori footprint in the primary sector, I have a very real interest  and commitment to safe food and fibre production and the provenance integrity of such products. Innovation and technology get me excited, and I do enjoy governance and advocating for
leadership diversity. With husband Koro, we have 4 adult children and 14 beautiful grandchildren. Their interests and needs have also become ours.