Susan Zhu

Barrister and Solicitor, K3 Legal Limited

  • Currently work at K3 Legal Limited as a consultant, specialised in commercial and property law, family litigations (relationship property) and civil litigations;
  • A legal professional with a unique background in relationship development across a diverse range of business and social sectors;
  • An effective communicator, and a link between western and eastern cultures; a clear and confident speaker in both Mandarin and English;
  • A business and community relations expert, help promoting the growing influence of the diverse communities and international trade in New Zealand;
  • Well regarded and trusted by external customers and stakeholders as an effective and reliable problem solver and strategic advisor;
  • Strong interest in and extensive knowledge of NZ business, central and local government, and governance experience;
  • Have established a positive high public profile within the diverse communities in Auckland through professional and political engagements in the last decade.