Stephanie Paxton-Penman

Managing Partner, Paxton-Penman

I recall being the only person in our dispute resolution class at Waikato University who raised their hand when the lecturer asked who decided to become a lawyer to help people – but that is the truth of it – I saw this profession as a way in which I could help women and children, to empower women through difficult phases, to support families in need and to assist people from all walks of life.  I love the extraordinary nature of ordinary people and using my skills to walk beside them through difficult times and enjoy their successes when they finally get to the other side.

As a mother of four children ranging from the age of 18 to 5 there was really no choice other than to set up my own law firm.  I imagine it is difficult to convince other lawyers the merits of port-a-cots in the office, breast feeding between meetings and skilling ones PA up on how one pushes a pram to rock the baby to sleep!  In addition to my legal life I am also a member of the Institute of Directors, Chairperson of the Warkworth Wellsford Advisory Board for Hospice and Trustee of the North Shore Hospice Board.  I have reignited my study of Te Reo and are hoping in the future to be able to work more closely with Maori Women in a mentoring role and to be able to Korero more fluently.