Signature event for 2020 – SUPERdiverse WOMEN

SUPERdiverse WOMEN invite you to join us at an intimate and radical truth telling intensive.

Let’s stop pretending the structures we live and work in are improving when this is not what the evidence says. How can we lead change if we do not talk openly about what is wrong.  SDW is leading the way and cre ng a place for reality checking conversation. 2020 is the year we draw a line and say, only truth from here on.

Led by Dr Hinemoa Elder, Superdiversity Council member, SUPERdiverse WOMEN established leader, Maori Strategic Leader of the Brain Research New Zealand Rangahau Roro Aotearoa, University of Auckland;

and Mai Chen, Chair of Superdiversity Institute and SUPERdiverse WOMEN, Managing Partner of Chen Palmer, Adjunct Professor Faculty of Law, University of Auckland.

Each attendee will be invited to share a 3 minute korero starting “If I could change one thing…”

More details to come…

#IWD2020 #EachforEqual #SDW2020