Recognise, empower and inspire diverse women leaders throughout Australasia

SUPERdiverse WOMEN brings together a powerful network of super diverse leaders and organisations.

It celebrates the achievements of this growing group of superdiverse women while recognizing and acknowledging their different experiences and the unique contributions they make to New Zealand.

It provides a forum where top superdiverse women leaders can meet those from different sectors for cross-pollinisation – and to share, inspire and mentor the next generation.

Newest Members

  • Sarah Lim

    Sarah Lim

    Associate, LangtonHudsonButcher Sarah is an Associate at LangtonHudsonButcher. Sarah graduated …
  • Monina Hernandez

    Monina Hernandez

    Infection Prevention and Control Clinical Nurse Specialist, Managed Isolation and …
  • Victoria Yeo

    Victoria Yeo

    Partner, Deloitte Victoria is a Deloitte Partner in the Organisation …
  • Yun Liu

    Yun Liu

    Director, NZ Trade Forum Founder, Arture Specialist Skincare Yun Liu …

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