Yun Liu

Director, NZ Trade Forum

Founder, Arture Specialist Skincare

Yun Liu is the Managing Director of NZ Trade Forum, and Founder of Arture Specialist Skincare. She has a passion for community change and is currently a Board member of Inspiring Communities, as well as being a consultant for NGOs and SMEs on business strategy, sustainability, and digitisation.

Before starting her own business, Yun was previously National Manager at Lifeline Aotearoa. She has over 10+ years of clinical experience in mental health, addictions, sexual abuse, depression and suicide. She has created trainings, manuals, clinical and operational policies and procedures for social services such as the Auckland Sexual Abuse Help Foundation, Problem Gambling Foundation, and Lifeline Aotearoa.

Yun hopes to use her skills and experience to drive diversity and inclusiveness in our community, and is actively working on these issues at governance level.