Dr. Sangeeta Karmokar

Founder and CEO, Women Entrepreneurship Centre

Career began with the completion of a MBA from India and moving to Auckland. Since then, she has been integral part of educational and community environment. Her practice-based research interest lies at the intersection of the entrepreneurship and design discipline with a special interest in social and women entrepreneurship. In the journey of taking teaching and research further, she has made strong connection with community and industry around creative entrepreneurship.

Sangeeta has regularly contributed to her local community through various activities and working on community based projects. She is founder and chair of Women Entrepreneurship Centre (www.wencentre.org.nz), not-for-profit organisation based in Auckland, New Zealand working towards empowerment of women through inspiring, educating and entrepreneurial leadership. The focus is to build courage and passion to be different by developing entrepreneurial capabilities among every woman, irrespective of their age, academic, social and economic background.