Merissa Parkinson

Manager, Davanti Consulting

Merissa is Malaysian-born, has lived in the UK and since 2007, has called New Zealand her home. She now lives in Wellington with her very supportive husband, lazy British bulldog and an opinionated cat.

Merissa is an accomplished leader with experience in delivering solutions for government, telecommunications, financial services and oil & gas industries. She is highly positive, driven, pragmatic, and easy to talk to.

As a Manager at Davanti Consulting, she specialises in Human-centred design, business analysis and operational excellence. She is at the centre of customer, business, and technology problems, enabling her to create great solutions using her multi-disciplinary approach. She focusses on transformations, from strategy, discovery, right through to implementation. Merissa’s focus is to advocate for the optimal experience – both for customers and for the business. She has delivered many complex projects that aims to understands customers behaviours and preferences, as a foundation to enable technology adoption for the humans who use them.

Outside of work, Merissa is a career mentor and dabbles in art. She is also studying Postgraduate Certificate in Business Administration (a path to Executive MBA) at Victoria University to further enhance her career and capabilities.