Alexia Hilbertidou

CEO, GirlBoss

Alexia is 18-years-old, just finished high-school, yet her love of Women’s empowerment has led her to a level of influence well beyond her years. Alexia is the founder of GirlBoss NZ (  an organisation which encourages young women to embrace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths), Leadership and Entrepreneurship. GirlBoss is New Zealand’s second largest young women’s network with nearly 8000 members.  Of Samoan and Greek descent, Alexia advocates for equity of access and fights for diverse voices to be heard.  Alexia is passionate about promoting the exciting opportunities and challenging the stereotypes in entrepreneurship, Leadership, and STEM fields. Alexia’s own mission is to get women to the table – the boardroom table that is, and she believes the decisions made while young are crucial in paving the way.

Through her advocacy work, Alexia has spoken to nearly 20,000 young people, teachers and business professionals. As a National finalist for the Eureka Science Competition, at 17, she was the youngest person to lead a research project at the New Zealand Treasury. At 18, she was selected by the US Embassy and NASA for the NASA Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA) 2017 Southern Deployment. She is New Zealand’s first Eisenhower Youth Fellow and will speak and represent New Zealand at the Eisenhower Future of Work Summit held in Málaga, Spain.

Alexia’s passion for gender equity is why she was named a Top 30 Global Teen Leader, a Top 5 Young Leader by the Ministry of Youth Development, and the most influential New Zealand woman under the age of 25 at the 2016 Westpac Women of Influence Awards. New Zealand was the first country to grant women the right to vote and her vision is for New Zealand to be the first country to close the gender gap in the areas set to have profound influence in the future – STEM, business and leadership.

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