Nivi Sethi

Managing Director, Kuddles Limited

Nivedita (Nivi) Sethi is the founder and Managing Director of Kuddles In-Home Childcare & Education. Nivi started this homebased childcare service in 2008 with the aim of helping children under 5 years to get quality early childhood learning at home while maintaining and strengthening their language and culture. She believes that  child’s full potential during this critical stage of early brain development can be unfolded in a home environment. Nivi is a qualified  Early Childhood Teacher herself and along with her qualified team supports educators all over Auckland to care for and enhance the learning and development of children at home according to the Te Whariki principles and the Ministry of Education guidelines.

Kuddles programmes support adults to learn more about themselves, attachment relationships and how to nurture children during the most important years of play, learning and development. They are supported to work, study and earn from home. Kuddles plays an integral part in sustaining the culture and values of young children and supporting families to keep their language and culture.