Cici Hudson

Henderson Branch Manager, Bank of New Zealand

 Cici Hudson migrated to New Zealand 19 years ago. She experienced a tough journey as an immigrant in a new country, but it gave her a big advantage, the ability to relate to any ethnic group in Auckland. Cici believes its imperative to fit into the Kiwi and Iwi cultures, but at the same time understand who you are and where you came from; appreciate your own culture and customs.

Cici has been working at Bank of New Zealand for over 17 years continuing to work on the front line as her passion is working with people from all walks of life. Cici has a deep understanding of Kiwi and Iwi’s life and how their financial situation impacts their lifestyle. Retail banking is a window into our society. Cici feels privileged to be part of her customers milestones, from birth to engagement to marriage, graduation, divorce, redundancy, retirement and death in family.  Finance is a key part in all these important life events and Cici is proud to be there to assist families going through these changes.

Cici has visited 17 different countries to date, and has realised that we are all such a small part of this big world, with so many cultures and customs waiting to be explored.

An open mind in Cici’s opinion is not quite enough; and Cici would like us all to embrace the cultural diversity in our country. There’s no second city like Auckland, so diverse, New Zealanders are known worldwide for their graciousness and friendliness. Cici feels very lucky to be part of this exotic city in the world.

Cici and her partner are astute property business investors and very interested in investment techniques and business ventures. Cici looks forward to contributing to NZAL and to gaining in depth knowledge on leadership for the betterment of the future of  NZ.