Ngozi Penson

Founder, Zefe Coaching / Mata of Hope NZ

Ngozi Penson is the founder of Zefe Coaching. An organisation dedicated to empowering people to aspire and reach their entrepreneurial dreams.  She works with start – ups and established businesses.  Her work involves coaching, mentoring, training and education.

Ngozi’s move into entrepreneurship started at an early age in Africa.  She moved to New Zealand after living in the United Arab Emirates, establishing her first business one year after arriving.  She had two young children at the time.  It was a challenging time as a new migrant with no prior experience of doing business in New Zealand.  Juggling family life and business life, she successfully grew and diversified the business to include a training academy and ecommerce platform.  Ngozi’s visionary management, innovative approach and leadership, together with an inclusive team environment led to the success of the business.

After many successful years, with the brand established in New Zealand, she sold the business and trained to become a business coach / mentor and educator.  She is also a Business Management programme facilitator and a SaaS (Software as a service) certified partner and trainer.  Today, she helps aspiring entrepreneurs live their entrepreneurial dreams and thrive in their communities.  Her goal is to help people believe anything is possible if you work hard, commit to it and get support along the way.

Ngozi has a strong interest for involvement in her community and driving transformational results.  Her commitment to making a positive impact in her community has led to the co-founding of MATA OF HOPE NZ (MOHNZ), a charitable trust.  She is passionate about giving children a good foundation for development, helping families integrate into a new community, advocacy work and connecting with people in the community.

MATA OF HOPE NZ (MOHNZ) is a New Zealand registered charity.  MOHNZ purpose is to support New Zealand Families of African heritage and vulnerable children through early involvement to provide a safe, culturally sympathetic outcome.

MOHNZ aims to accomplish this by supporting family units and protecting vulnerable children through early Intervention, advocacy, community integration, health promotion and wellbeing.  Ngozi’s hopes and aspires that all children will grow up in safe, healthy, happy homes leading to meaningful fulfilled adult lives.

Ngozi has two children, is married and lives in Auckland.  When Ngozi is not working, she is travelling, connecting with friends and family and sailing with her husband.  She is a member of International Coach Federation (ICF)

Speaker at SDW event: What does Millennial Superdiverse Women leadership look like?